Disney Pin Trading

If you’ve ever been to any of the Disney theme parks, you’ve probably seen cast members sporting a lanyard adorned with pins or boards of various shapes and themes around the resort at shops, kiosks, hotel counters, and more. With Covid, blind trade stations picked up in popularity where cast members allow guests to pick a number to pick a mystery pin and then choose whether they want to trade for the pin or not once it’s revealed (sometimes the rule is you have to trade– it just depends on the cast member).

Pin trading can actually be an amazingly enjoyable experience that elevates a vacation by getting the whole party involved. It also provides an escape from long attraction queues and an opportunity to gamify the trip by encouraging you to seek out specific characters, complete sets, or simply trade all of your “trader” pins to fill out your own lanyard, bag or book.

Pin trading can be expensive, however, as buying pins at the resort can be costly as can the accessories that go with the experience. I recommend pre-purchasing some lots of trading pins prior to your vacation and bringing them along so you have ample to trade away for the whole family.

Some guests focus on specifically the “hidden mickey” pins, which sport a small mickey mouse logo on them, which signifies they are cast member series pins that aren’t sold in store but rather distributed through the pin trading program at the resort directly. As a general rule as well, most pin trading experiences limit trades to 2 times per person and allow for no duplicates– so you can’t trade a pin to the board or cast member if they are already represented. This typically happens with the starter set pins and others that are highly circulated.

Below I’ve linked to some awesome pin lots and accessories to get you up and running at minimal cost.

Disney Pins Trading Lot – 50 Assorted Pin Lot

Generally, you can grab pins as low as about $1 or so a piece, which is a steal compared to Disney pricing in the parks. If you wait to buy pins at the resort, you’ll be lucky to get them for less than about $5/piece when you buy larger starter sets. You’ll find you can get lots of 10, 20, 25, 50, or even 100 and generally no duplicates in many of the sets.

Loungefly Disney Beauty and The Beast Pin Collector

Many collectors carry backpacks, folders, binders and more to store and tote their pins around. Brands like loungefly, funko and others that make enamel pins carry a variety of both clear display front bags and other styles that can carry a substantial number of pins.

Enamel Pin Display Carrying Case, Storage Organizer Case, Travel Pin Display Bag with 6 Binder Pages

With capacity for up to 400 enamel pins, this beast is definitely worth considering. The removable/replaceable pages also makes for a nice option when needing to organize or replace worn pages.

Buckle Down Lanyard-1.0-Disney Princess Poses/Castle Silhouettes

Lanyards have long since been the choice for the average park visitor as they are easy to carry around, make for a good display, and carry enough to trade throughout a typical day at the park. They are also great for expressing personality and showing off your favorite characters or franchise, even without any pins on them.


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